Shaque (2020) Uncensored Hindi Short Film 18+ Movie

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Watch for free Shaque (2020) Uncensored Hindi Short Film 18+ Movie. A story of sexy desi wife getting caught red handed. A lively hot adult Hindi Short movie that could make you go frenzy. A sexy masala movie that is well produced from one of the famous Adult production team in India.

Story: A smart guy Rohan losses his current job since his company was acquired by a competitor, to make ends meet Rohan’s wife Meeta starts working and does pretty well at her job. Its 6 months that Rohan is jobless and Meeta is an exceptionally well performer at her office hence she gets promoted within a very short time frame, watching this Rohan suspects Meeta’s character and doubts her of cheating him behind his back with her boss. To make his doubt sure Rohan one day asks Meeta to invite her Boss to their house for dinner as an acknowledgment to her promotion. Meeta does so upon Rohan’s request. Tushar who is Meeta’s boss generously accepts their invitation and reaches their house for dinner. While chit-chatting Rohan makes an excuse to leave the house for a while as he has to go out and buy booze for all of them, Rohan installs a camera in the living area to catch his wife red-handed. Watch ‘Shaque’ to find out.