Village Housekeeper Fucks His Owner’s Shapely Hot Daughter

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Rinki was proud of her curvy figure with big boobs and round ass. She wanted her housekeeper Raju to enjoy her body as she fell in passionate love with his big cock. One day, she took Raju into her room and allowed him to pounce on her.


She aroused him in her bra and panty and helped him get nude. Raju grabbed her ass as he made her sit on his lap. They kissed each other and began to fondle their warm bodies. Raju started sucking Rinki’s boobs to make her wild.


As Raju lied down on the bed, Rinki shoved his hard cock in her mouth & began sucking it. Raju then pulled Rinki on this cock again and inserted his cock in her pussy. His cock was so hard for Rinki’s pussy that he pulled it out and began to finger her instead.


While he was fingering and sucking Rinki’s pussy, she was slurping on his cock. Finally, he ejaculated his hot cum on Rinki’s face and then went to find a cloth.

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