Punjabi Bhabhi Secretly Meets & Mates With Lover In Field

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Rakul Preet bhabhi goes to the field in the morning to meet her lover hiding in the bushes. As you can see, she is lying down on the ground with her horny lover on top of her for quick sex.


Her lover looks around to see if any intruder is coming their way to disturb them. He has his cock inside her pussy and is slowly fucking her. Rakul Preet is also nervous just in case someone familiar might catch her taboo relationship.


After a few minutes, she changes her position and goes on doggystyle. Her lover starts penetrating her pussy and this time he is more focused on pleasing her.


He pushes his cock deep inside her pussy which makes her lie flat on the ground. With his cock still inside her pussy, her lover looks around once again for an onlooker. After all, having sex in the open is a risky business!