Newlywed Bengali Couple Records Their Lusty Playful Sex

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Watch this newlywedded, sex-hungry, & playful husband & wife make this romantic porn MMS. They take their sweet time in fucking & seducing one another. The husband sets up the camera and turns to his hotwife who is eager to taste his lips & cock.


He seduces her with a little talk and gets on top of her nude body. Her seductive moans begin as he kisses her neck and slides his cock inside her pussy. She then cuddles him and lifts her leg to pull him towards her as they turn on the side.


The husband starts to rub her wet vagina while kissing her intensely. His wife then gives him a hot blowjob to increase his arousal and prepare for a good pussy bashing. Later on, she sits on top of his cock and starts riding his hard penis while looking into the camera.


They change positions a few times in between missionary & doggystyle, so that the hubby could last longer.