Sexy Big Boobs Mallu Wife Invites Lover Into The Bedroom

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This busty & beautiful Mallu bhabhi decided to bring her lover home in her husband’s absence. By the looks of it, both of them must have missed each other for weeks.


The lover is quick to get the cheating housewife naked. He gets excited and pulls her panty when she presses her big boobs on his face. Her panty is tight and it takes some effort for her & her lover to get it over her round ass.


Once that is done, she gets on top of him, chest-to-chest and feeling his body heat. The lover slides his cock in her pussy and she moves her ass to get it deep inside her.


She moves back and forth on his cock and kisses him intensely. Her lover then lays her on the bed and begins to suck & lick her juicy pussy. She moans and enjoys his tongue play all the while.